Sinful Sunday in Las Vegas

Buttercup produces Sinful Sunday, a night of burlesque vignettes featuring Las Vegas' finest stripteasers! 


Using their art, bodies and souls the funniest & finest stripteasers in Vegas celebrate their bodily autonomy with every bump, grind, shimmy & shake!

The show features some of Las Vegas’ most beloved burlesquers including professionals from the Las Vegas strip and out-of-towners. Sinful Sunday’s producer, Buttercup curates a show that presents diverse talent and womxn. Each performer creates their own acts and costuming and brings their own unique gimmicks to the stage. You can expect to see everything from classic burlesk moves like tassel twirling and fan dancing to popular neo-burlesque gimmicks like twerking and “assel” twirling or even a hand-balancer, puppeteer or sword swallower! While these womxn do have their bodies on display this is not exploitation by any terms. It is a joyous occasion for the performers and the audience to celebrate the multi-facets of every womxn! Sinful Sunday is the last Sunday of every month at The Sand Dollar Lounge. Show is free. 

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