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Buttercup has a large repertoire of acts and bespoke costumes to suit any show or event. Please contact Buttercup to request one of her classic routines or to have her curate something unique for your event or venue! 

Las Vegas Burlesque Performer

Old Fashioned

Buttercup performs a traditional fan dance to a modern ballad. Her vivid fucshia ostrich feather fans both conceal and complement her beautiful complexion. Buttercup's curves tempt and tease you with every flutter of a fan but as she pulls the feathers away, you realize she leaves very little to the imagination. 

Las Vegas Burlesque Performer

Class Act Clown Act

Buttercup brings endless smiles and laughs in this energetic burlesque farce. She combines slapstick comedy with raw sexual energy and some good 'ole stripteasing! 

Las Vegas Burlesque Performer

Minnie the Moocher

A true crowd pleaser! Set to an electro-swing remix of Cab Calloway's, "Minnie The Moocher," Buttercup imbibes heavily and really puts a spin on the evenings' debaucheries once her tassels and "assles" are revealed! "Minnie The Moocher" is a song which many people know the ending to - except there is no "...poor Minn" in this version. Buttercup's "Minnie" embraces her vice and whole heartedly invites the audience to celebrate with her in a night of reveling. 


Mother Mary

Inspired by her pregnancy, Buttercup reimagines the holy image of the Virgin Mary as one that encompasses the multi-facets of any woman. She's sensual & nuturing with a "devil may care" attitude!    

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