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Buttercup has been teaching burlesque since 2013. She has taught burlesque performance and costuming as a private instructor and at the Las Vegas Burlesque Studio. She now is Program Coordinator and classroom instructor at The Burlesque Hall of Fame School of Striptease. She also teaches online classes with Vegas Dance Hub.

Burlesque for Beginners Class 2019

Burlesque for Beginners Course 2019

Upcoming Schedule

Private Lessons
virtual and in-person available


Buttercup has received the Folklife Artist Grant by the Nevada Arts Council in 2020 made possible by the State of Nevada and the National Endowment for the Arts.


With this grant, Buttercup was able to offer Panel Skirt lessons to select students. This mentorship included lessons on construction and performance movements of the iconic burlesque costume piece. A burlesque performer's costume is a very important tool, helping to set a performer apart and ensure a lasting career in the art form. With this mentorship, Buttercup hopes to share and pass down the lessons she has learned from burlesque legends and from her experience as a professional performing artist. 

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